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The Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal Co.


The Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal Co. is located in the Seshui Community. Bamboo charcoal products from the Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal Co. are made using four-year-old mature bamboos refined by the high temperature carbonation technology. The bamboo charcoal is very dense, porous and is rich in natural minerals. After the high temperature and carbonation process, the bamboo charcoal becomes highly absorbent, it can regulate the humidity of the ambient air and the water content in soil and has strong deodorizing capabilities. It is widely used in our daily life.

As its benefits are proven by modern technologies, relevant bamboo charcoal products are popular in the market. For example, the bamboo charcoal cups can be used to brew tea and coffee, as bamboo charcoal can alter water molecules and liquid within the cup (ex. tea and coffee) becomes tastier; when rice is boiled with bamboo charcoal, it becomes more chewy and delicious. Since environmental protection and healthy nourishment emerge to become a mainstream trend and are highly valued by the market, the Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal Co. is now highly respected domestically and approved by the Japanese.

The bamboo charcoal piano, the first bamboo charcoal percussion instrument in Taiwan, is designed by the Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal Co. This instrument is different from other similar instruments. It is created using high-hardness bamboo charcoal that is burned at a temperature of up to 800C and sounds crystal clear and loud. For visitors concerned about life preservation, the Taiwan Bamboo Charcoal Co. is a must-visit site, one you don't want to miss.


Opening Hours: 09:00~17:00

TEL: +886-49-2898013

Address: No.31-6, Dayan Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

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