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The Seshui Kiln


The Seshui Kiln is praised for its white fairy soil and brick kiln. The white fairy soil is rare and premium clay and ideal for ceramic products. In the early days, the Huizi Kiln in the Seshui Kiln was a specialized kiln for producing ceramics, but it was closed down following the introduction of plastic ceramics.
After the 921 Earthquake, the local residents, under the assistance of the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, established the Seshui Pottery Classroom and reconstructed the Seshui Kiln. Although it is not as large as the original kiln in its heyday, the Seshui Kiln is now a frequently visited site among ceramics lovers.
One special feature about the ceramics from the Seshui Kiln is that they are not glazed. Because of this, the ceramics are only decorated using the oxidized wood ashes, and each finished product is very unique and highly stylish. Besides the beauty of ash decorations, the quality of clay further presents diverse colors and textures, ensuring the ceramics are more distinguished than their glazed counterparts. You can enjoy the fun of making your own exclusive ceramics with your hands in the antiquated environment.


Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

TEL: +886-49-2898013

Address: No.31-6, Dayan Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

How to Get There

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