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Shuili Snake Kiln


The Shuili Snake Kiln is a traditional pottery kiln that has found success as an innovative pottery arts park. A major tourist attraction, it details the history of Taiwan's pottery industry and offers good educational experiences.
During the September 21 (921) Jiji earthquake of 1999, the Snake Kiln was completely destroyed. In 2000, after the park area underwent refurbishments, in order to celebrate its opening, an especially large pottery bottle of 6.6 meters tall was built, and given the name, “Millennium Double Opening Bottle”. This conveyed the meaning of “double wealth for an eternity”. This bottle, which broke a Guinness World Record, symbolizes peace. The park area includes a pottery art classroom, a multi-media audio-visual room, a Snake Kiln art gallery, a teahouse, a pottery demonstration area, a museum, a display hall, the 921 Disaster Memorial Hall, and a coffee house. All of these provide the visitors with a variety of choices and experiences.


Opening Hours: Please refer to the website.

Admission charge: Please refer to the website.

TEL: +886-49-2770967

Address: No. 41, Ding Kan Lane, Ding Kan Village, Shuili Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C


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How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


1. Jhong Jhang Highway (Provincial Road No. 74) 》 Provincial Road No. 14》 Caotun》 Puli (Provincial Road No. 21)》 Yuchih (Provincial Road 131)》 Checheng 

2. National Highway No. 1》 Wang Tian Interchange》 Provincial Road No. 14》 Fen Yuan 》 Provincial Road No. 14 Yi》 Nantou 》 

Provincial Road No. 3》 Ming Jian 》 Provincial Road No. 16》 Ji Ji》 Shuei Li 》 County Road No. 131》 Checheng 

3. National Highway No. 1 》 Dou Nan Interchange》 Provincial Road No. 3》 Dou Liou、Lin Nei、Jhu Shan 》 Provincial Road No. 16 Jia 》 Ji Ji 》 Provincial Road No. 16》 Shuei Li 》 County Road No. 131》 Checheng 

4. By Train:From Taijhong or Er Shuei, take train to Ji Ji, Shuei Li and get off at Checheng Station


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