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SunMoonLake Tourism Union

Yuchi Township-Sun Moon Lake
Jiji Township-Jiji Train Station
Renai Township-Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area
sunmoonlake tourism union
Based on the colorful natural and cultural features eight tourism themes have been developed: "mountain tourism," "ecological tourism," "tribal tourism," "sports tourism," "cultural and creative tourism," "agricultural tourism," "water tourism" and "theme parks." A rich collection of folk food art also offers a variety of delicacies and souvenirs. Everyone is welcome to visit and experience these wonders in person.
Four feature areas
Geographic Center of Taiwan Monument
.Stroll .Sport .Skywalk .Scenic platform .Puli’s mountain city scenery
Beigang Nuomishih Bridge
.Coffee workshop . Specialty Coffee .Hakka refreshments .Pour over experience
Shimen Mountain hiking Trail
.One of the peaks of Mt. Hehuan .Height of 3237 meters .100 peaks of Taiwan
Sun Moon Lake SUP
.SUP stand-up paddle .Yacht .Afternoon Tea on yacht .Canoe .Self-made raft .Sunrise SUP .Sunset SUP .Sun Moon Lake cross-lake swimming
Jijibanana Leisure Farm
.Railway .Hill banana .Banana dishes .Banana snacks .Delicate banana souvenir .taking care of the crops
.Little Taipei .Hakka’s indomitable lifestyle
Danda Bunun Ecotourism
.Danda Zhuoshui River .Bunun indigenous tribe .Shuanglong Tribe .Zhuoshui Tribes .Indigenous cuisine .Bunun Pestle Music and Pasibutbut(an Eignt-part polyphony)
Erhshui Black Mud Field Tug-of-war Competition
.Music .Delicacy .Riverside .Mud Sport
Tianzhong Marathon
.The human touch .Rural marathon in Taiwan .Taiwan classic competition .Cycling trip .Agricultural experience
Zhongxing New Village
.Old houses .Cycling trip .Deep experience activities .Creative design .History and culture .Aesthetic ar
Mountain benzhi Leisure farm
.Mandarin orange .Fruit Picking experience .Camping tour .Dining event
Pineapple garden
.Pineapple .Fruit Picking experience .Handmade pineapple cake
National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute
.Diversity of craft facilities .Crafting experience workshop .5 Senses craft .Ultimate space of life aesthetics
NTU Tea Garde(NTU experimental forest)
.Oolong Tea .Mountain Oolong tea .Concubine Oolong Tea .Jin Xuan Oolong Tea .Small-leaf black tea .Tea picking .Tea making .DIY Activities .tea tasting experience
Daan Bamboo Sea
.Mengzong bamboo forest .Tianjin Waterfall .Taiji Canyon .Ruan'an Bagua Tea Garden .Mengzong Bamboo-shaded Forest Trail
Eight major theme tours

Mountain and forest tourism


Mountains and forests are the core tourism DNA in the Sun Moon Lake sightseeing circle. The rich mountain and forest resources create a wide range of experience activities. There are 38 unusual, dangerous, steep and beautiful mountains in the area, as well as Hehuan Mountain, Aowanda, Xitou, Huisun, Shanlinxi and more rich forest recreation and environmental ecological education resources. In the magnificent mountain forest environment, various natural trails (including national grade Nenggao Cross-Ridge Historical Trail), waterfalls, suspension bridges and other scenic and recreation spots have been developed to offer fun open, free and innovative travel experiences. This is the best location for mountain and forest travel experiences in Taiwan.

Shimen Mountain hiking Trail
At 3237 meters, Shimen Mountain is one of the peak of Mt. Hehuan. Shimen is accessible and the easiest of Taiwan’s top 100 high peaks to climb.
Shuili, was a crowd city and once known as “little Taipei”. Shuili shows visitors the unique Hakka culture and their indomitable lifestyle in different ways.

Cultural and creative tourism


In recent years, cultural and creative tourism in the Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union has become increasingly diverse. The first category is crafts, including pottery, bamboo art, wood art etc. The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center in Caotun is a leader in the development of such craft arts; the second category is temple culture, with the well-known Zhushan Zinan Temple, Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple, Puli Dimu Temple, Ershui Mr. Lin Temple etc.; the third category is revitalized old buildings, the most notable being Zhongxing New Village, Taixi Passenger Terminal, Zhushan Cigarette Factory, taxation agencies etc; the Zhongxing New Village settlement takes the culture of the provincial government period and the British Garden City as its focus. Through the introduction of 12 resident brands to the village and creative curation, it has become a stylish cultural and creative settlement; the fourth category is themed tourism experiences, including Jiji railway tourism, factory tours, stargazing tours, tea tours, coffee tours, rural small tours, rural kitchen experiences, old street walks, yoga, singing bowls, aromatherapy and other themes, which have been a big hit with tourists.

Dyeing Workshop
In Xiulian Dyeing and Weaving Workshop, you can learn how to use indigo dye to create your unique master piece with own creation! Come visit Zhongliao with your friend and do the whole dying process by yourself!
Beigang Nuomishih Bridge Coffee Workshop
Coffee workshop located next to the Nuomishih Bridge, aiming for using local coffee beans. Workshop created a characteristic garden adjacent to the landscape of the bridge. It provides handmade local coffee, Hakka refreshments, and various DIY activities, such as leave pounding, ice jelly making and pour over coffee experience.
Jiji is rich in bananas. In order to make good use of bananas with different growth stages, local farmers have developed varies of banana dining menu, refreshment and souvenirs, taking good care of crops and satisfying who interested in bananas!

Water tourism


The Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union offers four fun water recreation activities. The first one is located in the famous Sun Moon Lake and Liyu Lake, providing a variety of activities such as yachting around the lake, SUP stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, self-made rafts etc. This experience can also be paired with five-sense experiences such as afternoon tea, tea parties, expert hand-made coffee, and watching the sunrise and sunset. Every September an international swimming activity across Sun Moon Lake is held; the second type is hot springs, which are located in Beigangxi Hot Spring Area in Guoxing Township, Dongpu Hot Spring Area in Xinyi Township and Puli Hot Spring Area; the third type is the Ershui International Water Running Festival in Babao Canal, Ershui Township, held every November, which combines Ershui culture, water running experience and agricultural featured products from the mountains and sea; the fourth type provides special geographical environments such as amazing waterfalls and river tracing activities.

Sun Moon Lake SUP experience
Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful alpine lake with stable water area, which is suitable for water sports. Stand-up paddling (SUP) and canoe can be easily experienced in there and welcome novices!

Theme Parks


There are three theme parks in the Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union, including Sun-Link-Sea Vacation Resorts, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village and Atayal Resort. Sun-Link-Sea Vacation Resorts focuses on ecological exploration, and the beautiful natural environment provides parents and children with opportunities to enjoy various flowers, trips to see the sea of flowers, stargazing, natural landscapes, environmental education, dining, and accommodation; the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is divided into three themed areas: European Palace Garden, Amusement Isle, and Aboriginal Villages. It provides the richest and most complete aboriginal cultural singing and dancing performances in Taiwan, as well as the latest recreational facilities and certified Muslim-friendly restaurants. With a focus on cultural experience, Atayal Resort provides services such as aboriginal singing and dancing performances, cultural guided tours, ecological guided tours, hot springs, skywalks, recreational facilities, camping, dining and accommodation.

Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area
Taiwan, with an altitude of 1,600 meters, adjacent to Xitou. It has a nice climate, beautiful mountains and rivers, and a primitive natural landscape. Don’t miss out to visit “Ten Scenic Spot”, “Ten forest Trails” and find out “Six Famous Flowers”
Atayal Resort
Atayal resort themed to share cultural experience, provides aboriginal song and dance performances, cultural and ecological guides. You can also enjoy the hot springs, sky walks, recreational facilities there. Accommodation and catering services also available.
Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
Culture Village is divided into three major themed areas: European Palace Garden, Amusement Ilse, and Tribal Scenic Area. It has the most aboriginal cultural song and dance performances in Taiwan, as well as the most innovative recreational facilities. Muslim-friendly restaurant also available in the park.



The Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union provides a variety of ecological experience activities. The first type is ecological observation of flora and fauna. For example, Tao-Mi Eco-Village has the largest number of frog and butterfly species and provides experiences such as frog watching, butterfly watching, and stream shrimp watching. Firefly watching is offered from April to May and is a wonderful ecological activity; the second type includes natural trails, ecological education halls, nature education centers and other resources; the third type is flower viewing through all four seasons, including cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and tulips from January to February, sandpaper vine, alpine rhododendron and hollyhocks from March to April, hydrangeas from May to June, daylilies from July to August, ginkgo and Muhlenbergia capillaries (Pink Muhly Grass) from September to October, sunflowers, bald cypress and maple leaves from November to December; the fourth type is special geological and ecological topography such as Toushe live basin, which is one of only three peat soil live basins in the world.

Muh Sheng Museum of Entomology
In the museum you can find many kinds of insects and big collection of amazing specimens from all over the world. Guided tours available daily to share the knowledge and tips related to insects and butterflies. Through varies of DIY workshop, visitors can have a super-close-up experience to the nature.
Hehuan Mountain Dark Sky Park
It the first certified international dark sky park in Taiwan. Situated at 2,750 meters above sea level, the best destination for you to enjoy stargazing with its low atmospheric disturbance and well-preserved nocturnal environment.
Daan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area
Daan Bamboo Sea Scenic Area locates in Zhushan. It has a large area of Mengzong bamboo forest. Well-known attractions include Tianjing Waterfall, Taiji Canyon, Mengzong Bamboo-shaded Forest Trail and Ruan'an Bagua Tea Garden.

Sports tourism


The Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union provides a variety of ecological experience activities. The first type is ecological observation of flora and fauna. For example, Tao-Mi Eco-Village has the largest number of frog and butterfly species and provides experiences such as frog watching, butterfly watching, and stream shrimp watching. Firefly watching is offered from April to May and is a wonderful ecological activity; the second type includes natural trails, ecological education halls, nature education centers and other resources; the third type is flower viewing through all four seasons, including cherry blossoms, plum blossoms and tulips from January to February, sandpaper vine, alpine rhododendron and hollyhocks from March to April, hydrangeas from May to June, daylilies from July to August, ginkgo and Muhlenbergia capillaries (Pink Muhly Grass) from September to October, sunflowers, bald cypress and maple leaves from November to December; the fourth type is special geological and ecological topography such as Toushe live basin, which is one of only three peat soil live basins in the world.

Guided bike tour in Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake has rich natural, cultural, and ecological resources. By Joining the guided bike tour, you can experience Sun Moon Lake from a different perspective!
Hutou Mountain paragliding field
Everyone can enjoy the basin scenery of Puli from the peak of Hutou Mountain. There is also a take-off field for paragliding. Run to take off and the wind will lift you from the ground to enjoy the surreal view of the Puli and mountains.
Tianzhong Marathon
The most hospitable marathon in Taiwan, showing the most Taiwanese village characteristics. Thousands of villagers from Tianzhong Township demonstrate the friendliness and enthusiasm, helping all along the way to cheer up the runners. Friendly, enthusiastic and land-cherishing, making the marathon rated as top 3 marathon event in Taiwan and attract runners from local and overseas
Ershui Water Marathon
The race derived from traditional Water Running Festival. Combining the festival ceremony with marathon races to pray for peace, prosperity, and express gratitude to Mother Nature. Visitors would get a chance to learn the traditional culture and enjoy the delightful experience of water running with the locals.

Tribal tourism


There are five major indigenous ethnic groups in the Sun Moon Lake tourist area (Tsou, Atayal, Bunun, Thao, Seediq), which have nurtured rich aboriginal cultural diversity. Tribal tours are divided into three routes covering Provincial Highway 14 (Qingliu, Zhongyuan, Meiyuan, Meixi, Wushe, Chunyang tribes), Provincial Highway 16 (Tannan, Dili, Shuanglong tribes) and Provincial Highway 21 (Fengqiu, Jiumei, Wangxiang, Dongpu tribes) with the Qinai tribe, Qubing tribe, Wujie tribe, Bakurasu tribe, Tamazuan tribe, Luona tribe etc.

Wujie tribe
At 800 meters, Wujie tribe is the northernmost tribe of the Bunun people. Wujie Dam was once voted by netizens as the most beautiful secret attraction in Taiwan. Because of the terrain, sea of clouds and cloud waterfall can be seen all year round and hence Wujie also named “the hometown of clouds”.
Danda Bunun tribe
In Danda Bunun tribe, visitor can enjoy the natural and cultural environment by enjoying the aboriginal delicacies, Bunun Pestle music and traditional dance. Join them and hear stories from the locals and cultures.

Agricultural tourism


The Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union is rich in agricultural resources and is particularly known for four agricultural products in Taiwan: tea, coffee, passion fruit, and water bamboo. There are eight tea areas in the Sun Moon Lake Tourism Union, offering the famous Tongding Oolong tea, Sun Moon Lake black tea, and high mountain tea from Yushan, Shanlinxi, Hehuanshan and Dayuling, grown at an altitude above 1,000 meters; the area also has the country's largest output of passion fruit, water bamboo and related products; specialty coffee is also booming, winning international coffee awards and being designated for state banquets; other products such as space-packed shiitake mushrooms, summer loofah, edible roses, Mengzong bamboo, Qingmei, sugar cane, mountain banana, longan, organic Jabuticaba, flowers, imperial pomelo etc., are among the best and most distinctive agricultural products in Taiwan. These first-level agricultural resources have also been developed into sixth grade leisure agriculture. There are currently 14 leisure agriculture areas in the area, providing tourists with interesting agriculture activities, such as fruit and vegetable picking, food farmer education, rural kitchen cooking lessons, rural winery wine tasting, specialty souvenirs and other experience activities; In October, the nation’s largest Nantou World Tea Expo and Chocolate Coffee Festival is held, making this the perfect destination for agricultural tourism in Taiwan.

Tea Town tour to deep experience Taiwan’s tea culture
You can take part in small tour in Lugu to understand local tea and its processing stage from picking to tasting. Enjoy the DIY and experience Taiwan’s unique tea culture.
Lohas Edible Rose Garden
First professional farm in Taiwan to produce edible roses. It provides DIY activities from time to time. You can make your own rose jam there! Please make reservation beforehand when you plan to visit the farm.
Pineapple Park
Many pineapples planted on sides of county Road#139, Nantou. You are invited to become a farmer for a day there and have fun! Be careful the leaves and wear long pants, thin long sleeves for pineapple picking! Let’s harvest together!
Featured stores
W&P Forest Resort- Starry Moon Tea Space
The location of W&P Forest Resort is unique, with only a 5-minute drive from National Freeway 6. It is situated on a small cliff, offering a stunning view of Puli’s rivers and mountains. The resort also features a large grass lawn and comfortable sofa area, making it an excellent spot for outdoor and family activities. In this top-notch camping areas, you can enjoy watching the larch trees, swim in the infinity pool and take part in DIY crafting activities!
Funayama Juku homestay
Experience-oriented Funayama Juku Homestay is located in Puli Township, the heart of Taiwan. It is only a 2-minute drive from the Ailan Interchange exit of National Freeway 6. It is close to attractions such as the Ailan Grandma’s Laundry, Ailan Spring and Guang Xing Paper Mill. The name of the homestay originates from the fact that Ailan Plateau resembles a ship in shape, and its old place name was called 'Chuanshan' (Ship Mountain).
The homestay is located adjacent to the Nankang River, providing a scenic view and a pleasant environment surrounded by beautiful mountains, clean water, and fresh air. The community is renowned for its simple and authentic folk customs. The host of the homestay offers shuttle services to the Puli Tourist Service Center. Don't miss out on this fantastic journey and make your reservation now to experience the unique beauty of rural Puli!
OnelifeSUP - Stand Up Paddle Experience Center in Sun Moon Lake
OnelifeSUP is one of the top-notch SUP experience centers in Sun Moon Lake, with years of extensive experience in water activities. Our professional instructors will personally guide you to explore the breathtaking hidden gems of Sun Moon Lake, allowing you to paddle on the lake surface and admire the beauty of the sunrise. Throughout this journey, you will be taken to the unexplored corners of Sun Moon Lake, where you can fully indulge in the wonders of nature.
First Herbal
Let us guide you into this greenery,- Touch the country borage surrounding you,Sit on the stone chair and have a casual chat,Experience the tranquility brought by flowers and trees!A peaceful afternoon should be spent like this!
Furthermore, First Herbal is home to the largest GMP cosmetics manufacturing factory in Nantou County. Our production process prioritizes hygiene and safety, ensuring that our customers can use our products with peace of mind.
Jijibanana Tourism Factory
To preserve the deliciousness of Jiji bananas and carry on the local stories, the brand 'Jijibanana' was born. It draws inspiration from natural elements and the concept of returning to the origin, allowing people to relive and savor the golden era of Jiji bananas.
Every Jijibanana product is born from boundless imagination, overcoming challenges step by step and putting ideas into practice. From inception to completion, we hold onto one belief: 'To pass on the best and healthiest Taiwanese local happiness!' We hope to bring all consumers a wonderful experience that elicits different kinds of positive responses.
Little Garden Dream Life Home
Little Garden Dream Life Home is a homestay located in Zhongxing New Village, and it is also the first legally registered homestay in the village in over a century. All room types preserve the original cobblestone flooring and traditional cypress windows of the old houses, complemented by outdoor greenery, maintaining the authentic charm of a British garden city. It offers a profound experience of the allure of slow living and the unique local hospitality. By combining accommodation with local living experiences, we hope that travelers can slow down their pace in the village, leaving behind unique and wonderful memories of their journey. Welcome to stay at our old house homestay and experience a day of rustic village life!
1985 Music Condo
1985 Music Condo was established by a music professional who used to be the director of Sony's Mandarin department in China. He returned home to take care of his 90-year-old father and built this music-themed art space by renovating an old government dormitory that was originally built in the 1950s and had been vacant for over 20 years. After three months of renovation, it has now become a vibrant art space full of musical elements!
Barefoot Elves
Located on Route 139 in the Bagua Mountain of Nantou City, Barefoot Elves is a place where we take great care in selecting the finest local ingredients like lychee and longan. Our oven-baked bread is made using self-cultivated sourdough, without any added sugar, oil, milk, or other ingredients. We bake our bread in a pumpkin-shaped wood-fired stone oven, giving it a unique flavor. We offer a wide variety of bread and toast options, with over twenty flavors to choose from every day. Don't miss the chance to try our award-winning 'Wine and Cinnamon Bread', which was honored with the 2nd Taiwan Top 100 Souvenir Awards in 2022. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself!
Shuter Babbuza Dreamfactory
Shuter Babbuza Dreamfactory is located halfway up the mountainside in Nantou, offering a picturesque view of the peak of Jiji Mountain. It is situated between Nantou City and Caotun township, in close proximity to well-known attractions such as Zhongxing New Village, Sun Moon Lake, and Jiji. The project began in 2013 and took 9 years to build, eventually becoming the world's largest tourist factory, with an indoor area of approximately 16,800 square meters and a total cost of 3 billion NT dollars. The grand opening took place on December 23, 2022!
Cona's Chocolate Fantasy Castle
Cona's Chocolate, located in the picturesque Qingjing area of Nantou, started as a chocolate workshop nestled in the mountains at an elevation of 1,755 meters. With a desire to share the deliciousness of chocolate with more people, Cona's embarked on a chocolate dream journey. In July 2018, they established Cona's Chocolate in the Taomi community of Puli, features a magnificent design inspired by European castles and medieval Rococo styles, creating a brand-new sensory experience. Through light shows, interactive chocolate knowledge walls, and other facilities, they convey knowledge about cocoa and embody the spirit of learning through fun. Cona's Chocolate aims to not only provide delectable chocolates but also educate visitors about the world of cocoa in an enjoyable way.
Colorful Cotton Home
TAIWAN CHEAU WEI was founded in 1989 and has experienced various challenges such as typhoons, the 921 earthquake, and fire disaster. Despite facing adversity, the collective effort and determination of the team have become a significant turning point for the rebirth. In 2010, with guidance from the government, academia, and industry, TAIWAN CHEAU WEI established Colorful Cotton Home, the first themed store in Taiwan focused on promoting the concept of happy sleep and bedding. The mission of Colorful Cotton Home goes beyond the expertise in the existing bedding industry. It combines manufacturing, tourism, and leisure, and within the Cotton Home, it encompasses corporate culture, industry knowledge, and immersive aesthetic experiences that engage all five senses.
Forest Union - Xitou Forest Healing Service Center
Forest Union is a professional brand in Xitou Forest that specializes in forest therapy. It is formed by a team of National Taiwan University forestry alumni and local youth from Lugu township. They passionately convey their love and dedication to forests based on scientific evidence from their past learning and practical experiences. Through their expertise in forest therapy, they custom-design five-senses experiential courses with a focus on promoting health. Their mission is to guide people in understanding and developing a genuine love for forests through the healing power of nature.
Tian Mama XiaoBanTian Cuisine restaurant
The restaurant located in Lugu Township. The owner insists on using local, seasonal ingredients, which is why they have developed concept of no menu service. This means that guests can enjoy the freshest and most authentic flavors, as each dish is prepared with the finest ingredients available. By offering this unique dining experience, the restaurant aims to provide customers with a taste of the true essence of local cuisine.
Fresh ingredients are the basic element of delicious cuisine. All vegetables served in the restaurant are grown by our own farm or local small-scale farmers, ensuring that they are free from pesticides and safe to eat. The flavor of seasonal ingredients can vary depending on the cooking method. To enjoy the delicious mountain cuisine, you can make a reservation in advance so that the owner can prepare a rich variety of ingredients to surprise you at the table.
ZhenCang Teahouse
The owner of the shop, located next to Kaishan Temple by the Qilin Lake in Lugu Township, divides the tea into four categories: Wind, Flower, Water and Moon. Each representing the characteristics of peace, happiness, health and contentment respectively. ZhenCang Teahouse is situated near the Qilin Lake and offers a lakeside tea experience as part of the tea village tour. You can taste the blessing tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains in a leisurely manner.
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