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Seshui Community, Dayen Village


Surrounded by mountains, the Seshui Community is located west of Taiwan Provincial Road No.14 and is a veil that looks like a blossoming lotus flower from above with most houses concentrated on the lotus bud area and scattered near the end of the petals. There are about 230 residents living in the community, making it the village with the smallest population in the entire Yuchi Township. The basin is as beautiful as described in poems, and more than 30 houses identified by their white walls, blue roof tiles, and shed roofs are truly elegantly beautiful. This paradise is known as little Switzerland in Taiwan.
The name “Seshui” carries two meanings: 1) mountain springs frequently comes out of the mountain cliff and hence are called Seshui (Taiwanese, meaning reverse water osmosis from the ground); 2) the springs tasted astringent in early days and hence the name (Seshui also means astringent in Chinese).
In the early days, most residents in the Seshui community grew paddy rice to make a living, but in the 1940s, they changed to Assam Black Tea as it gained more popularity. Since then, Assam Black Tea has become the main agricultural product of the Yuchi area.
The soil in the Seshui Basin is perfect for ceramic products. In the early days, the Huizi Kiln in Seshui was a specialized kiln, but it was closed down after the introduction of plastic ceramics. After the 921 Earthquake, the local residents, under the assistance of the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, established the Seshui Pottery Classroom, reconstructed the Seshui Kiln, and started their ceramics business using white fairy soil, special soil only available in the Seshui Basin, as local attractions for tourists to enjoy the unique pottery making experience.
In 2007, the Seshui community beat other villages in the selection of the Top Ten Rural and Fishing Villages and was listed as a top 10 classic rural and fishing village.
Currently, Seshui is a popular site for drinking black tea, playing with pottery clay, and experiencing nature — the mountains surrounding the community, undeveloped river and valley, and waterfalls and trails in beautiful tree-covered parks are all admired for their distinctive beauty under different weather conditions and time of day. Those natural resources are further combined with tourism resources such as hostels, narration services for natural environments, and plans for its development into a forest community to offer visitors exciting leisure experiences during their free time.


Opening Hours: 24h

TEL: +886-49-2896488

Address: Dayan Vil., Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C


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