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Sun Moon Lake Coffee B&B

  • Environmentally Friendly Lodging


Upon retirement and on an impulse, the owner of Sun Moon Lake Coffee B&B started planting arabica coffee trees and named the place “Leisurely Coffee.” Although this was not planned, fruitful results have been achieved so far. After years of hard-paid effort, The owner’s homegrown coffee was awarded Excellence Prize of the Sun Moon Lake Specialty Coffee Competition and Third Place of the Taiwan Coffee Roasting Competition in 2015. The B&B is currently operated by the owner’s children. Situated in Yuchi Township, it catches people’s eyes with bright yellow walls. Many like to stay away from the hustles and bustles of their urban life in this place, immersing in countryside bird singing and fragrant coffee.

Supporting the government’s green policy, devoted to living a green life, and hoping to help the Earth, the owner now provides a plan. Upon staying for the second night or more, without requesting to change bed sheets and bath towels, the guests of each room will get a NT$200 discount, plus a box of Sun Moon Lake black tea that’s also worth NT$200.

Please inform upon reservation that you wish to use the plan, so that the owner can make the best preparations for you.

Opening Hours

open 24 hours


  • Credit card
  • Parking
  • Air
  • Wifi
  • Taiwan Traveler Card
  • Dining space

How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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