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Lea Lea Garden Hotel - Moon


The hotel takes a unique, original style combined with indigenous Ita Thao totem elements. Leisurely and relaxing, it is filled with indigenous cultural charm and a Bali Island vacation aura.
The hotel uses aluminum bars with wood patterns to decorate its interior. It also uses bricks with traditional weaving elements to suggest indigenous culture.
The vacation-style lobby makes the hotel look like a Bali resort. Visitors are free to immerse in this romantic holiday space.
Located just by a ropeway station and beside a waterfront hiking trail, the hotel offers Sun Moon Lake’s seasonal views.
Stay with us and enjoy a carefree, relaxing vacation.

Opening Hours



  • Credit card
  • Parking
  • Shuttle service
  • Package tour
  • Bicycle rental
  • Air
  • Wifi
  • Taiwan Traveler Card

How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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