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The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village


A Treat for All Ages and All Interests By Sun Moon Lake and linked with Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village; which today is the result of three decades of planning and construction. A vacation spent with us is sure to delight and thrill with 62 hectares to explore.  Take a walk through time to visit the homes and communities of Taiwan's main indigenous tribal groups; spend an afternoon or longer riding over 25 amusement rides ; or stroll through the grounds of Taiwan's largest and most authentic European garden.
Tucked amongst shade trees, between the European Gardens and the Aboriginal Village Park, is a haven for seekers of thrills and pure fun.  The amusement park area sports a wide variety of amusement rides imported from Europe and the United States.  We recommend The Spanish Coast, Caribbean Splash, UFO Gyro Drop, Mayan Adventure Roller Coaster, The Gold Mine Adventure, and Space Mountain VR for an adventurous experience.  We offer many rides and attractions including Aladdin Pavilion and Culture Square for the younger crowd and people who enjoy more subtle experiences.  The park has enough to keep visitors of all age groups happy for hours on end.


Opening Hours: Please refer to the website.

TEL: +886-49-2895361

Address: No. 45, Chihtien Lane, Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

Links: Official Site


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