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Dajhuhu Hiking Trail 《Renovating》


The Dazhuhu Nature Trail is only 200 meters long , making it the shortest trail at Sun Moon Lake . Enter the trail beside the parking lot below the highway , and you will soon come to an observation platform . On the right side of the platform is a trail leading down to the shore of the lake . On the lake below the trail is an area of boiling , rumbling water that is called the Sun Moon Fountain . Actually , this is where water from an underground tunnel empties into the lake . When the Japanese occupied Taiwan , they dug a tunnel all the way from Wujie Village in Renai Township to the lake and used it to divert water from the Jhuoshuei River . This is the main source of water for the lake . The tunnel from Wuje is 15.1 kilometers long , and it comes to the surface of the ground in only one place , in Dongguang Village of Yuchi Township . The rest of the tunnel is buried under the mountains . There is a story that during the Japanese occupation , a man named Liao Tian-ding was being chased by the Japanese . He jumped into the water at Dongguang Village and resurfaced in Sun Moon Lake at Dajhuhu , and escaped . Some old people say that it was not Lao Tan-ding who jumped into the tunnel , but another man named Wang Jiang-han who had been mistaken by the Japanese as a spy . They tortured him , and when he couldn't stand it any more he lied to them that there was a cache of weapons hidden in a valley . When they passed by the stream of water from the tunnel on the way to the valley , he jumped in and then climbed out of a ventilation shaft beside the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village . He hid away in the mountains around Shuili , and didn't go back to Yuchi until after the Japanese left Taiwan .


Opening Hours: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm,
During days when there is a typhoon or if the weather is affected by other natural disasters, the trail will be closed due to those circumstances.

TEL: +886-49-2855668

Address: Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C


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