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The Tannan Elementary School


Founded in 1951, the Tannan Elementary School occupies land of 0.38 hectares and is a mini school with only 100 students.
After the 921 Earthquake, a lot of buildings and houses collapsed and so did this elementary school. When the reconstruction team stationed in the village, the local residents advocated that children were the hope of the tribe, and their future rested on education. So school reconstruction was the first priority. After much deliberation, a consensus was reached to use a traditional house as the blueprint for the school; the millet granary, or the most sacred spot in a traditional Bunun house, is the library of the school as it symbolizes the storage of knowledge. Much of the semi-outdoor platform space outside of the library is reserved for performance and ceremony that sufficiently connects the school with the tribe; the classrooms on the second floor are the learning site for Bunun teenagers; finally, the bell towers, water towers and flag stands symbolize the tall observatory platform.
Although the campus is relatively small, the village sports game is an important event for the tribe. Running competition is the climax of the game, and thus, a running track is required. This is why the entire campus and student dormitory are both located inside the track.
The school buildings were constructed using modern construction materials such as T-type steel plates and matte plats and traditional gray Bunun stone plates to fit the school into the tribe. The novelty design and bright colors have overturned the boring and stereotypical impressions that most people have about schools. First-time visitors usually think that this school is a fenceless coffee shop.
Tannan Elementary School is not only the pride, but also the hope of the tribe.


Opening Hours: close service

TEL: +886-49-2741381

Address: No.49, Heping Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

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