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Footprint Inn

  • Environmentally Friendly Lodging


Footprint Inn was established in 2014.
Jiji at night is never too loud. There’s only serenity on the streets of Jiji. The owner of Footprint Inn believes that heartfelt Jiji is best enjoyed by walking. Here, people’s lifestyle has been inherited from their ancestors. They cherish such a lifestyle and will pass it down.
The owner devotes to sustainable life in the countryside and sustainable tourism development. He aims to provide his guests with the most eco-friendly travel experience. In 2019, his inn received GSTC Control Union Certification.
Footprint Inn serves vegetarian food only. There are three reasons for doing so:
1. By using locally produced ingredients to make food, the owner hopes to help to save the Earth and reduce carbon footprints.
2. The owner hopes to keep the inn pure and clean, without the harm of killing animals.
3. He wants to introduce whole food to guests, and take them to learn the true tastes of food, not seasonings.


  • Parking
  • Package tour
  • Air
  • Wifi
  • Dining space

How to Get There

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