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Jiji Train Station


Built in 1933, Jiji Train Station is an ancient train station easily identified for its cypress design. It is the landscape of the Jiji Township and also the most well known terminal station on the Jiji route; this station was destroyed in the 921 Earthquake but later reconstructed and restored to its original look. Since then, it has attracted lots of tourists.
In the beginning, the Jiji route was mostly used to transport materials of the power plant and later tourists, agricultural produce and wood as the region developed. The station is truly a functional monument as it has been part of the contribution of the route to the regional economy. It is highly distinctive and the most meaningful among all railway systems!
Under the collaborative effort of the Railways Administration and Township Office in 1994, the small trains of the Jiji route were transformed into painted tourist trains. It has since attracted an endless stream of tourists during holidays to reproduce the prosperity that local residents enjoyed in the early days. Coming to the Jiji Station, visitors can not only enjoy the railway culture and beautiful scenery along the route, but also learn about the willpower and determination of the local residents, best illustrated by the saying - power through in the face of a setback.
Across from the station is a retired steam locomotive, a relic of the past glory of the Jiji route. Many tourists love to take photos as a souvenir of their trip to this monumental site.


Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00

TEL: +886-49-2762546

Address: No.75, Minsheng Rd., Jiji Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C


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  • Cycling station
  • Police

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