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Shuei An Hostel


Near the Ita Thao Lakeside Plaza, with Qinshui Park on the left, and the Dehua Community Warf on the right, guests can start their splendid trip around Sun Moon Lake here. You welcome the first rays of sunlight and walk amongst the dew on the lake side path. During the day, you can sit, lay down, or have fun while admiring the splendid scenery of Sun Moon Lake. At night, you can watch the sun sink behind the horizon as you look out at the night time scenery of the lake, chat, drink tea or coffee, watch the moon, count the stars, and enjoy a life of leisure.

The Shuian Lakeside Hotel not only gives you an ideal, comfortable living environment, and an elegant place to rest, but it also allows guests to travel as they please around the beautiful Sun Moon Lake. The hotel is located near many worthwhile scenic spots, such as Lalu Island. You can take a ferry to see Xuanzhuang Temple, Ci'en Pagoda, and hike in Maolan Mountain. You can take a shuttle to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Jiji, Checheng, Puli, and Lushan hot springs. Regardless, the Shuian Lakeside Hotel will give you an experience you'll never forget.

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