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China Youth Corps


Located in Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area and near the residence of Itathao tribe, Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center fully expresses its uniqueness in the lakes and hills.

Located among the woods, Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center offers 28 elegant lodges. You may release your burdens and worries when staying in Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center.

We also offer 45 Tang Dynasty Style Suites and auditoriums, accommodating 440 people for lodging, dining and training.

Come and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in Chinghsin Garden, the place of our outstanding service.

In addition to lodging and dining, we also offer camp fire sites, golf exercise, ping-pong, billiard, Giant bikes etc.

As one of the largest outdoor ecological areas for butterflies in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center provides special access for you to appreciate more than 50 species of butterflies. You may enjoy outdoor and family travel in Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center. The Project Adventure Educational Base is suitable for schools, institutions, enterprises, etc. To build up the spirit of teamwork, to discover everyone's ego, to establish confidence in each participant.

The famous scenery of Sun Moon Lake and Thao Tribe's culture in Sun Moon National Scenic Area have a high reputation in Taiwan. The renowned scenery of Sun Moon Lake was included in Eight Scenes of Taiwan in early years

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