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Yue Tan Siao Jhan


The Moonlake B&B is located in the beautiful Sun Moon Lake Dehua Community. Here, you need not worry about distance to scenic spots, nor do you need to worry about where to shop, because the Dehua Warf and bustling shopping distance are not far away, requiring less than a minute of walking. The B&B has a simple Japanese style exterior without extra ornamentation, and boasts large glass doors, saturating the interior with natural light, while expanding the visual space. The space seems small, but due to the wealth of installations and Thau decorations, the space feels huge.

The B&B has two and four person rooms available for guests. The rooms' clean, elegant environment is similar to those of high class hotels in quality beds and facilities. Hardwood floors increase the space's lighting and highlights the texture of the room. You also have a chance to look out at Sun Moon Lake, depending on your room.

How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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