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Father of the owner, Brother Chen—Mr. Yishan Chen, in those days was our former president Mr. Chiang Kei-shek's personal boat rower pilot, he would often take our president out on a sampan ride touring the lake,to experience the beauty of Sun Moon Lake, thereby this is how the name “president's fish” came about, since Mr. Chen would treat our elder president with Sun Moon Lake's specialty “Quyao fish”Since then, “president's fish” has become the special feature of Sun Moon Lake. Chen's family from the very beginning was in the business of yachting, after the 921 earthquake, they started to build Lakeview Holiday Inn,because having the concept of earthquake prevention was important, the building material to prevent level nine earthquake has especially been selected, which let all the guest that come to stay to feel safe and at ease.

As for Lakeview Holiday Inn, the exterior was built with earthquake preventive material of rafting style with aboriginal taste of Sun Moon Lake's Thao Clan. The Lobby of first floor composed of two spacious rooms that connect with each other, the host has specifically added a set of table and chairs with logging taste. For the room, it was layed with logging style floor, and the simple andelegant bedding and sofa, are all designed by our designer with warm and comfort leisure space in mind.

The dreamy quality by the bank of Sun Moon Lake is a delicated treasure of heaven on earth, to let all the guests experience a romantic leisure life of high quality.

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