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Ita Thao Visitor Center


Once known as Dehua Village, this is the main Thao settlement. Traditional Thao performances and cultural exhibitions are offered here, as well as a shopping area full of Thao atmosphere.

Ita Thao Lakeside Trail:
This 0.4-kilometer trail starts opposite the Youth Activity Center and completes near Ita Thao Wharf. Sounds of insects and birds are incessant along this lakeshore board walkway, and the smell of wild ginger blossoms fills the air.

The Deer Chasing Legend:
The Thao Aborigines claim that their ancestors originated from Alishan. However, according to another legend, they originally came from the area near to Fucheng in Tainan. Many years ago, a group of Thao hunters were hunting in the mountains when they came upon a large, corpulent white deer. Together with their hunting dogs, they crossed over mountains and valleys to chase this large white deer. As they chased the deer, they went deep into the other side of the mountain. Along the journey, they used their hunting knives to cut off pieces of bark from the trees so as to mark their route. After chasing the deer for many days, their energy was all but exhausted, and to their amazement, they saw a landscape of lakes and mountains unfold before their very eyes. The white deer that they had been chasing had no way of escape, and rushed into the middle of a lake. The hot hooves that had been on the run were frozen by the ice cold lake waters, became stiff, rigid, and difficult to move. After the Thao hunting ancestors caught the white deer, countless varieties of fish were attracted to compete for its blood and internal organs. The elderly Thao ancestors scooped up the fish varieties and were the first to carefully taste them. Not only were the fish non-poisonous, but these shoals of fish from the lake were extremely delicious. Only after trying out the fish did they allow the young and strong Thao to eat them. Everyone was very pleased. Not only did the lake area have beautiful and enticing scenery, but there was a plentiful supply of fish in the lake. This truly was a peaceful and good location provided to the ancestors from above. They quickly returned the way they had come, following the marks they had made on the trees, in order to bring the rest of the community to this new place. From that time and on, the Thao people have resided at Sun Moon Lake, which has become their native land.  


Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

TEL: +886-49-2850660

Address: No. 127, Wenhua St.,, Yuchi Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C


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How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


1. National Highway No. 1》 Jhong Cing Interchange》 Jhong Jhang Highway 》 Provincial Road No. 14》 Provincial Road No. 21 》 Yuchih 》 Ita Thao 

2. National Highway No. 3》 Caotun Interchange》 Provincial Road No.14》 Provincial Road No.21》 Yuchih》 Ita Thao


Parking spaces:38
Barrier-free parking space:1


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