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The Wuchang Temple

Constructed in 1923, the Wuchang Temple is for worshipping the Bei-Ji Shien-Tien Emperor and was a religious center for the local residents.
In 1990 a faithful follower donated the land for the temple. It’s expansion was completed in 1999, but the temple collapsed during the 921 Earthquake.
The temple remains from the earthquake were not demolished, and the administration plans to erect the 921 Earthquake Memorial Hall in front of the temple (it is not yet completed). The god statues have been moved to the corrugated iron cottages across from the street. An endless stream of pilgrims visit this temple because of the legends and miracles.

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Last updated date:2018-10-18
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Scenic spot Info
  • Coordinates:
  • 120.7920443989849, 23.830797798327826
  • Tel:
  • 886-49-2762496
  • Opening hours:
  • 08:00-21:00
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