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Jiji Dam


The Jiji Dam is the largest water resource allocation and dispatching project in Taiwan With its multi-functional, diverse, and magnificent design.

The dam right beneath the Jiji Bridge in the Linwei Village is one of the water conservancy projects in the six-year national construction plan and is designed to store water in the mountain pass of the Lin Head Mountain for use in farm irrigation in central and southern Taiwan. The reservoir is 353.5 meters in length , features 18 floodgates, four sludge gates, and one fish way. With a capacity of about 944 million m3, the dam can meet the needs of water consumption for the industrial zones in the offshore Yunlin islands, various agricultural sectors, and the entire region.

Most tourists are not aware that the grandiose dam administration center is open to the public. There are three floors in the center. Besides the offices, there is an information desk in the first floor with volunteers offering narrative and guidance services. The dam construction and background information is showcased in the second floor. Water resource related exhibits are periodically hosted on the third floor. The balcony outside the building is an excellent tourist spot with seats for breaks. Standing on this observatory platform, the Jhuoshuei River, or the longest river in Taiwan, is right below you. The bushes of reeds on the riverbed that tremble in the wind feel bleak yet beautiful, and it is truly amazing how swift the current and rapids are after heavy rains. You have to be there to see them for yourself. If you prefer to look further into the distance, coin operated binoculars are available on the platform.

If you happen to visit Jiji, be sure to take the road along the dam and stop by the Jiji Dam Administration Center.


Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00

TEL: +886-49-2764031#205

Address: No.2, Lanhe Rd., Jiji Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

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