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The Mingxin Academy


The Mingxin Academy, located on Jiji St. east of Yongchang Elementary School was built by President Changjiang Chen in 1883. It was completed in January 1885, and the plaque “Zhangwo Wenheng” was hung on top to commemorate its establishment. In 1908, the academy was moved to its current address from Chaiqiaotou Town and renamed “Changde Temple”. The land was donated by a Japanese man, and Wenchang Dijun - God of Academia (Education) and Mr. Zhuzheng are both worshipped here. The shrine of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and the deity tablet of the temple founder were set up in the Guoshui Hall next to the main hall. It was home of the Gratuitous Elementary School and is now the center of Jiji local cultures (photo: courtesy of the Tourism Administration).

The building is a symmetrical structure with a main hall in the center and classrooms, dining halls, and wing rooms on the side. The front courtyard features a stone ground with flower beds and trees in front of the wing rooms. The Xi incense burner is placed west of the main hall, and the seasonal plants, special landscapes, and statues are deployed in the backyard and side yards; cultural relics, such as a stone mill, wine jug, plow, raincoat, stone mortar, and tea maker are all displayed throughout the space. Facing west, the “Ox Cart Urn Transportation” is a special presentation in the secluded environment, and it creates a sense of nostalgia especially during sunset.

The main hall is where the lectures took place. It features a tall roof, a few “Kirins Ridden by Boys Statues” on the roof ridge beam and two dragons, one on each side, and plants and decorations on the feet in a symmetrical fashion with vivid expressions on their faces.

The Mingxin Academy was rated as a third grade historical site by the Ministry of the Interior in 1985, and it is maintained to preserve its authentic looks and Japanese design. Although this is proof that Taiwan was colonized by the Japanese, the simple design and atmosphere is where the spirit of the Han immigrants lies.


Opening Hours: 06:00~21:00

TEL: +886-49-2762374

Address: No.4, Dongchang Ln., Jiji Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

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