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Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music and Come! Bikeday Festival


The annual fall event, Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks-Music and Come! Bikeday Festival, is coming up. Come to Sun Moon Lake with your family and friends at a cool autumn night to listen to awesome music and watch spectacular fireworks! There are lots of activities and sports in the day for you!

🔸Sun Moon Lake Wedding
Wedding date: Friday, October 4
This wedding is held by the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration and the Nantou County Government and has always been widely praised. This year, the wedding will be held on land, in air and sea, including the ropeway, electric yacht and Happy Bus. Brides, grooms and guests can enjoy a creative wedding at the beautiful Sun Moon Lake and Xiangshan Visitor Center.

🔸Jiji Township Bikeday
Date: Sunday, October 6, 06:10-11:30
Location: Railway Tour Elementary School
Taiwan has diverse culture, history, cultural landscape and recreation resources. It has lots of potential in the development of slow travel at local towns and creative tourism industry. A total of 40 great tours were selected from 160 tours based on the local factors of the town, tour features and creativity. Jiji and Checheng Townships in Nantou County have grand forests and rustic towns for quiet slow travel. They also have bike paths, railways and forest trails. A 36-km slow travel tour and an 8-km kid tour have been organized. It is expected to integrate local attractions with biking to plan an in-depth tour in Nantou.

🔸2019 Sun Moon Lake Marathon
Time: Saturday, October 27, 6:00-14:00
Location:Xiangshang Visitor Center
The Sun Moon Lake Marathon was founded by the Taiwan Sports Life Association in 2013. The co-organizers are the Nantou County Government and Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration. This marathon is intended to be held at the most beautiful place in Taiwan. About 4,000 runners from more than 20 countries signed up the marathon at Sun Moon Lake and over 1,000 runners attended the marathon more than twice. The reputation of the marathon is spread by word of mouth. The organizer prepares gifts for runners who attend the marathon more than once.

Since the founding of the marathon, the organizer donates NT$1 to institutions in need for every kilometer that a runner runs. The organizer wishes to throw a sprat to catch a whale. Beneficiaries include Nantou Ren'ai’s Home, Puli Christian Hospital Long-Term Care Center, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation Caotun Branch and Nantou Elim Social Welfare Care Association.

The most important thing about a marathon is safety. In addition to basic traffic control and medical plans, the organize has assigned physical therapists, AED runners, and first-aid personnel of the Nantou Branch of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China to examine along the route for immediate response to accidents. Besides, the organizer has hired pacers since the first year. These pacers are assigned for the 29-km half marathon and AIMS/IAAF-certified 42-km full marathon.

The organizer persists to help the local area while using local resources. Locals are prioritized for recruitment and local supplements are prioritized for purchase. It makes sure that it contributes to the local area. Those interested in road running must not miss the Sun Moon Lake Marathon, which a runner must sign up at least once.

🔸Sun Moon Lake Indigenous Festival
Time: Saturday, November 2 at 19:00
Location: Ita Thao Pier
Description: Listen to the beautiful voice from the lakeside. Indigenous people from Sun Moon Lake and another side of the mountain sing after each other to perform a grand show with great visual and audio sensation.
Lineup: Zhulu Market, Ming-Ho Junior High School Choir, Culture Work Team of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Ayug, and Feather Art of Drum and Dance / Yu•Hit Dance Art

🔸2019 Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday Festival
Time: Sunday, November 3, 06:50-13:00
Location:Xiangshang Visitor Center
Bikers will definitely want to attend the Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday Festival! The bike route around the lake is about 30 km, passing by the four major temples (Longfeng Temple, Wenwu Temple, Xuanzang Temple and Xuanguang Temple), Dazhu Lake Nature Trail, Shuiwatou Hiking Trail and Chinglungshan Trail. The bike routes are a bit challenging due to the elevation. Bikers who love to bike and watch the view along the way are welcome to explore the beautiful Sun Moon Lake! There’s also a 10-km bike route and a cute kid push bike race.

🔸NTSO Youth Symphony Orchestra Fireworks Concert
Time: Saturday, November 9 at 19:00
Location:Xiangshang Visitor Center
NTSO Youth Symphony Orchestra was founded in December, 2016. The reason for establishing the Orchestra was to recruit youth music talents in Taiwan, gather enthusiasm of the new talents and foster the stage professionals to facilitate occupational development of youths, enhance youth employability effectively and promote symphony to people in Taiwan.
NTSO Youth Symphony Orchestra plays elegant and popular songs for tourists at Sun Moon Lake. It is an easier way to get close to music, arts and culture, enhance tourism development of Sun Moon Lake, and provides a great way for music promotion. Therefore, people can enjoy arts at countryside and deepen the impact of music among common folks, and drives the tourism development by music, arts and culture.

🔸Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Culture Festival
Time: November 16 (Saturday) to 17 (Sunday), 10:00-16:00
Location:Xiangshang Visitor Center
The smell of tea is in the air during autumn. The landscape of lakes and mountains is combined with tea aroma and music at this festival. Tasty food takes away fatigue. People can taste the life in the sweet aftertaste. Come join the most aromatic black tea festival in this fall. The event includes the black tea picnic and concert, black tea evaluation, and joint-exhibition of black tea and cookie.
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