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The Sun Moon Lake Area Continues to Provide the Circular Cup Service


In 2022, Sun Moon Lake won the "Silver Medal at the Green Destinations Awards." Currently, the Sun Moon Lake circular cup has been used more than 400 times, which if stacked one on another would be as high as 8 Xiangshan Visitor Centers.

When arriving at Sun Moon Lake, visitors can inquire about nearby circular cup borrowing partner stores and return points at the tourist center. “Circular cups” are free to borrow, clean, hygienic and enjoy beverage purchase deals. Let’s be responsible travelers and reduce the use of disposable plastic cups.

※How to borrow and return circular cups?

  1. Join GoodToGofor free http://nav.cx/jiYAEt
  2. Go to a partner store and say the password "I want to borrow a circular cup."
  3. Buy drinks with a circular cup and enjoy delicious food and beautiful scenery.
  4. Return it to any partner store or self-service return station within three days.
  5. You are a responsible traveler.

※Where can I find recycling cup cooperative stores?

  1. Open the GoodToGo LINE@
  2. Click on the "GoodToGoMap" to check nearby partner stores
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