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Relevant Regulations for the Carriage of Bicycles on Highway Bus Routes


  • Folding bicycles can now be carried on highway bus routes, but they must be properly packed with bags or cartons and placed in the luggage area of the highway bus. Also, the bicycles must meet the maximum size of 150 cubic decimeters stipulated in the Regulations for Automobile Transportation Operators.
  • In addition, for larger-sized bicycles such as non-foldable bicycles, the Directorate General of Highways (DGH), MOTC asks the passenger transport operators under its jurisdiction to consider the luggage compartment space of the existing buses, check the routes that can provide the transportation of larger-sized bicycles, and provide the reservation service for carrying bicycles. See attachment for the route information. Passengers are welcome to use such a service.
  • The two routes checked by the passenger transport operators under the jurisdiction of DGH and can carry larger-sized bicycles such as non-foldable bicycles include Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation No. 1832 Taipei - Pu Li and Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation No. 1833 Taipei – Sun Moon Lake. Please be reminded that the total of length, width, and height must be within 220 centimeters and that the reservation must be made over the phone and 48 hours before the ride. The reservation phone number: 02-25583060 / 049-2982131.
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