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Sun Moon Lake Study Tour Center / Atunas Taiwan Outdoor Center


Formerly an elementary school, the center acquired certification of environmental education facilities/venues in April 2016, and now hosts relevant courses with nearby Toushe Community on “living basins” and hiking trails.
At the center, people can enjoy outdoor fun and learn to get close to nature in the right way, in addition protecting it.
In fact, aiming to encourage people to explore nature, Atunas Outdoor & Sports Foundation took over the center from the government in 2017 and opened up the center. The foundation hopes to introduce Taiwan’s mountain sports to people home and abroad, while sharing stories of mountain adventures.

Opening Hours

Wednesday~Monday 09:00-05:00


  • Parking
  • Children's Play Facilities
  • Guided Tours

How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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