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Rih Yue Hua Jia Hostel


“Rih Yue Hua Jia Hostel” is located in Dalin Village, Yuchih Township of Nantou County, just by the main road heading towards the “Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village”. It is only about 500 meters away from the entrance of the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and is near the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area. It is next to Puli Township, Shuili Township, Jiji Township and Xinyi Township, and is located in the center of major scenic areas in Nantou County. It is the perfect accommodation for a three-day-two-night trip in Nantou.
    Although “Rih Yue Hua Jia Hostel” is located in the rural countryside, under the careful organization of the hostel owner, the hostel has been transformed into a heart-warming and comfortable space, and each room is rich with a romantic atmosphere! In addition, Rih Yue Hua Jia Hostel also has a restaurant. If you want to visit the Sun Moon Lake or Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, you can just relax yourself and leave all the dining and accommodation issues to us. Rih Yue Hua Jia Hostel will provide you with all the services you need!

How to Get There

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