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Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort


Sun Moon Lake is the beautiful prize jewel of Taiwan in the mountains. No matter the season, time of day, or weather, it possesses a bewitching beauty. Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort, located 3 minutes from Yida Shao Warf by foot, is a secret garden on the banks of Sun Moon Lake waiting for guests. On first glance, Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort is a 3-story wood structure. There is a vibrant garden of flowers and vines in front, and the interior is awash in color. The elegant courtyard makes you feel as if you have walked into a private garden of a noble in southern France, where the master's brilliance may be seen everywhere, and every corner hides a new surprise.

Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort is different from the earliest bed and breakfast, which only provides a simple bed. The owner, Lin Yiren, bought a 14,000 square foot plot of land with the goal of turning it into a lakeside villa. He thought, “a lake as beautiful as Sun Moon Lake deserves a hotel of equal beauty, and to make staying here an enjoyable experience.” To this end, he imported timber from the US to build this artful villa.

How to Get There

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