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Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

Name: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area


Central Taiwan's Pearl

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's largest semi-natural lake, shining like an inlaid pearl inthe center of Taiwan. At an elevation of 750 meters, it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Lalu Island (a sacred place of the Thao tribe) marks the boundary between the eastern and western sides, which appear like a solar disk and crescent moon, from which this lake gets its name. Here, dreamlike landscapes of mountains, forest, and water are waiting to be discovered. Due to its plentiful water resources, this is also the site of a hydropower plant. All in all, this is an ecological paradise.
The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area includes the lake and surrounding Puli Town and Xinyi and Shuili townships. Places to visit include Checheng, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Shuishe Dashan, Jiji Dashan, Mingtan Reservoir, Daguan Power Plant, Jiji, Green Tunnel, Taomi Ecological Village, Stele of Taiwan's Geographic Center, and three indigenous communities: Dili, Shuanglong, and Tannan. Visitors can choose from a diversity of attractions and itineraries.
What are you waiting for? Come to Sun Moon Lake for a unique travel experience!

Top 10 Social Media Check-in Spots

Checking in on social media is a must for many visitors to Sun Mon Lake. Would you like to explore more of Sun Moon Lake's attractions but are not sure where to begin? This top 10 listofsocial media check-ins may be helpful. These are fresh, fun, and diverse one-day itineraries for those who want to enjoy culture or nature. It's time to have some fun!
  • Seshui's Shuishang Waterfall:unspoiled river gorge
  • Toushe'sbasin:dance with nature
  • Shuanglong's Rainbow Suspension Bridge:a great place for couples
  • Puli's Hutoushan:spectacular views of the setting sun
  • Checheng:elegant and historic train station
  • Taomi Community :sounds of frogs and insects and dancing of butterflies
  • National Chi Nan University:beautiful green campus perfect for a stroll
  • Jiji's Green Tunnel:wheregentle breezes blow
  • Yuchi's scenery:tea plantations
  • Sea of clouds on Jinlong Mountain:a beautiful sunrise

Travel Expert Recommendations! Top 10 Things to Do

There are many things to do in the Greater Sun Moon Lake Area, including extreme sports and visits to villages and townships. Enjoy slow travel or eat your fill.
Whatever your choice it is sure to be a rich and wonderful experience! Sun Moon Lake is fun every season of the year. Are you ready to explore it?
  • Extreme challenge:Sun Moon Lake stand up paddle boarding experience
  • Cycling around the lake:the most beautiful 30 km
  • Hiking:Every trail is spectacular
  • Farm community experience:from food production to dining table
  • Leisurely railway travel:take a train to a small mountain town
  • Indigenous community tour:listen to the beautiful voices of the Bunun people
  • Hydropower exploration:Visitors must show ID, groups require advance reservation
  • Shopping and eating in a commercial district:Fun in Ita Thao and Shuishe
  • Food tour:Black tea, coffee, and chocolate
  • Temple tour:Learn about a diversity of gods from the matchmakingYue Lao to Confucius
Discover the New Top 8 Attractions

From the top eight attractions of the Qing Dynasty era to thosetoday, over the past century this area has experienced change. However, what has remained the same isthe romance and elegance of the lake scenery. These eight attractions are those that are mentionedmost online.
  • Joyful bike ride:Cycling parh above the water
  • Sunset on nine frogs:Nine Stacked Frogs Statue
  • Shuishe sparkling the sunlight:Shuishe Dam
  • Blossoming of romantic feelings:Yongjie and Tongxin Bridges
  • Xiangshan reflecting the moon:Xiangshan Visitor Center
  • Pearl of the mountains :Lalu Island
  • Smiley Valley:Dazhu Lake
  • Crimson Lake:Cherry blossom season at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
Unique Experiences on Water, on Land, and in the Air

Sun Moon Lake is the only place in Taiwan that offers a 3D experience, meaning travel on water, on land, and through the air. Come and see Sun Moon Lake from all angles!
  • On the water
Hop aboard a boat to observe the beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains. Traveling by boat is the most direct way to.
  • On land
Explore hiking trails to experience another aspect of this scenic area. In addition to cycling, hiking trails are great for exploring Sun Moon Lake its captivating beauty.
  • In the air
Ride the ropeway for majestic aerial views. Smiley Valley is one of Sun Moon Lake's discover Sun Moon Lake new top 8 attractions. The panoramic views from above this valley are impressive.
Top 10 Cultural Experiences

Visitors to Sun Moon Lake will be pleasantly surprised by its rich cultural diversity.
  • Sun Moon Lake black tea culture
Yuchi Township is considered the home of black tea". Hike the Maolan Mountain Trail or stroll among the tea plantations along Xiang Cha (Fragrant Tea) Lane. Sample locally grown tea and learn how tea leaves are harvested and processed.
  • Sun Moon Lake green energy culture
Sun Moon Lake is an important centerfor green energy production and sustainable tourism promotion. Electric powered boats and the Mingtan Reservoir symbolize the development and use of green energy in this area.
  • Sun Moon Lake indigenous culture
Taiwan's only Thao tribe community is located along the banks of Sun Moon Lake. The communities of the Bunun tribe in nearby Xinyi Township are aso worth visiting to experience their rich culture.
  • Sun Moon Lake Chiang Kai-shek culture
There are deep historical connections between Sun Moon Lake and former President Chiang Kai-shek. Representative sites include Hanbi Trail, Cien Pagoda, and Jesus Church.
  • Puli papermaking culture
Puli is the home of handmade paper and an important center for learning about Taiwan's paper industry.
  • Jiji railway culture
The Jiji Line is Taiwan's longest single-track railway line and the earliest to be developed for tourism. At the Checheng Railway Sightseeing School, learn about Taiwan's railwayhistory.
  • Jiji and Shuili ceramic artsculture
Jiji and Shuili townships are two important places in the development of Taiwan's ceramic arts. Snake Kiln and Tian Xing Kiln are well-preserved wood-burning kilns.
  • Checheng lumber processing culture
Lumber processing flourished in Shuili in the 1950s. Visit the Checheng Wood Museum and the timber pond to gain an understanding of this now historic industry.
  • Puli religious culture
Puli has the highest number and concentration of temples in Taiwan. This is one of its major characteristics. Chung Tai Chan Monastery and Dimu Temple are important religious sites in this area and are well-known in Taiwan.
  • Sun Moon Lake sports culture
Running, cycling, hiking, and standup paddleboarding are some of the active ways to enjoy Sun Moon Lake.
Enjoy Sun Moon Lake in All Seasons

No matter when you visit Sun Moon Lake, it is sure to be a unique experience. In addition to beautiful natural scenery. There are experiential activities and festivals year-round, so anytime is the best time to visit Sun Moon Lake!
  • FEB-MAR:Cherry Blossom Festival
  • APR-MAY:Firefly Season
  • JUN-AUG: Water Sports and Activities
  • SEP:Sun MOON Lake International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival
  • OCT-NOV:Sun Moon Lake Music & Fireworks Festival
  • NOV:Come!Bikeday
  • DEC:Sun Moon Lake New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party
Sustainable Sun Moon Lake
Let's work together toward sustainability!

Sustainable tourism does not refer to a specific type of travel itinerary. Rather, it is an attitude and a concept, suited to almost every type of TOP travel. It is alsoan operating and management model for many tourismorganizations around the world.

In comparison to ecotourism or low carbon tourism, the scope of sustainable tourism is broad. It emphasizes the support of tourists for social and cultural preservation and the local economy. In other words, the mission of sustainable tourism is to balance three aspects: ecology and the environment, society and culture, and the local economy, to ensure sustainable development of the local environment and tourism industry.

In recent years, the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Headquarters has paid close attention to sustainable development. It has taken action and promoted sustainability concepts. As a result, it was named among the global Sustainable Destinations Top 100 in 2019. Through exchanges with tourism destinations around the world, Sun Moon Lake has become well known among international travelers.

We hope that from the center of Taiwan the concepts of sustainability can radiate outward and that relevant industries will adopt the spirit of sustainability. No matter if you're a local operator, resident or tourist, everyone needs to work together to build a wonderful future.

We sincerely invite you to take action to ensure Taiwan's sustainability.



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