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Registration for Come! Bikeday at Sun Moon Lake starts now


A major cycling event held just once a year, Come! Bikeday will take place on October 31 and November 1, 2020 soon.

Sun Moon Lake-Tataka-Alishan Challenge
Starting at Sun Moon Lake located at the heart of Taiwan, meandering to Tataka in Taiwan’s highest peak - Mt. Jade, and extending all the way to Alishan, the route of this challenge is about 99.8 kilometers long, with a height of 2,710 meters. While it sounds challenging, it is not cut-throat. Cyclists who enjoy hill-climbing are encouraged to test their capabilities through this mountain challenge!

Children’s Push Bike Competition
A fun event suitable for children aged 2 to 6, Children’s Push Bike Competition helps kids develop an interest in outdoor sports and make new friends. Get a place in this competition for your child and create some sweet memories together.

Round the Lake Challenge Ride
Hailed as one of the world’s ten most beautiful bicycle trails by CNN and selected as one of the world’s eight most beautiful bicycle trails by Skyscanner, Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail offers such graceful views that it soothes people’s minds and souls. It passes by the region’s four largest temples, Wenwu, Longfeng, Xuanguang, and Xuanzang, and gets a bit hilly from time to time. If you fancy some small challenges, ride a bike on Sun Moon Lake Bicycle Trail this coming autumn with family and friends, and make some impressive records!

Sun Moon Lake Bike Trail Fun Ride
If a 30km round-the-lake ride is too tough for you, try a 10km leisurely ride instead. Take Xiangshan Bicycle Trail to Shuishe, pass by Jioulongkou, and return to Xiangshan Visitor Center afterwards. The scenery along the way is beautiful and the road is flat. Of course, the route passes by the iconic Sun Moon Lake. Plan a trip with friends and enjoy a relaxing bicycle ride at Sun Moon Lake together.
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