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2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival


2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival is held in Taichung from February 8th to 23rd, 2020 at the original site of the Taichung Flora Expo. Based on the unique landscape of the site, the theme “forest magical land” has been chosen. Combining the distinguishing features of Taichung and innovative designs with the key elements of magic and mystery, the new and revamped “rising sun” image of Taiwan Lantern Festival 2.0 is fully presented, with the implication of nature and sustainability. Moreover, rising sun in Chinese “Shu Guang” also sounds like Shu, as in Year of the Rat “Shu Nian,” indicating prospect and hope for the future.

Location: Main Exhibit Area – Taichung Houli Flora Expo site; Secondary Exhibit Area – Taichung Wenxin Forest Park.

Event website: https://theme.taiwan.net.tw/2020TaiwanLantern/
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