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Changes in the Xiangshang Multimedia Briefing Room screening schedule


Starting from December 14, 2019, changes have been made to the Xiangshang Multimedia Briefing Room screening schedule.

[Notices regarding the Briefing Room]
  1. Screening in different languages operate on a fixed schedule. The venue can accommodate up to 140 people. Entrance is allowed 10 minutes prior to the screening time. Video length is 18 minutes. In consideration of safety and quality of screening experience, visitors are not allowed to enter or leave when the maximum capacity is reached and during the screening.
  2. Please leave your drinks, food, and umbrellas outside on the shelves.
  3. Seating is free. The room will be emptied after every screening.
  4. The host reserves all rights of venue use. Please refer to announcement on the official website for the dates of cancelled screening.
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