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February 2024 events throughout the month


What to do in #Nantou in February
A list of events being held around the county

🌸Flower viewing in Nantou
▪️2/1-3/10: Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Season
📍Yuchi: Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village, Ida Thao Waterfront Trail, Ci'en Pagoda Trail, Xiangcha Lane/Youshui Lane, Shifo Park, Jinlong Mountain, Guangfu Lane in Xinyi Township
▪️1/27-3/10: Cherry blossom season at Yushan Tourist Tea Farm in Caopingtou
📍Chuangtou Qingshui Park
▪️2/5-25: Border Orchid - Sakura Feast Blooming Yuchi
📍From 7-11 Jiaxuan store on Yuchi Street to Pingzheng Lane
▪️2/17-18: Renai Township Seediq Cherry Blossom Season Marathon
📍Chunyang Village Group 4 Cherry Blossom Avenue
▪️2/25: Sun Moon Lake Marathon
📍Sun Moon Lake Huantan Highway

🐲Nantou Lantern Festival
▪️12/31-2/24: Zhushan Bamboo Art Lantern Festival, Blessing from Bobi Dragon
📍Tobacco Leaf Station, Zhuchao Market, Muai Park, LianxingTemple and surrounding roads
▪️2/3-25: Nantou Lantern Festival - Livable City Happy Travel to Nantou
📍Nantou County Exhibition Center
▪️2/4-25: Happy Dragon New Year in Jiji by Jiji Township Office
📍Jiji Holiday Plaza

🤡Other events #For more event information, leave a message or send a private message to Facebook "Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Headquarters"
▪️2/18: New Year Tea Party
📍Sun Moon Lake Antique Assam Tea Farm
▪️2/23: Qingjing Sheep Running Festival
📍Qingjing Farm

Welcome to #Sun Moon Lake in February to experience the pink romance of the rolling mountains and mountain forests.
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