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Sun Moon Lake Challenge Breakthrough


"Sun Moon Lake Challenge Breakthrough"
➀ Participants must visit the Sun Moon Lake area and complete 3 of 4 activities, including "running," "cycling" around Sun Moon Lake, "hiking" on Maolan Mountain or Houjianshan Mountain in Toushe, and "swimming" across Sun Moon Lake in the International Cross-lake Swimming Carnival.
➁ Upload the certificate of completion or supporting information such as the track route map recorded with an APP to the certification system.
➂ After passing a review by dedicated staff, participants get a certificate (a wooden trophy & certificate of Sun Moon Lake Challenge Breakthrough).

⚠️Please note❗️
➊ The screenshot of the track route map must contain the complete track route, date, exercise time and kilometers.
➋ Since Sun Moon Lake is not open for general swimming, please provide an event certificate as proof of having swum across the lake.


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