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Cycling "16 Go Bike TAIWAN Bike Routes, Lets Go" Event


In order to extend the hot topic of World Bicycle Day and continue to promote the 16 Go Bike TAIWAN Bike Routes, the "16 Go Bike TAIWAN Bike Routes, Lets Go" event invites the public to come and experience first-hand the friendly and safe 16 Go Bike TAIWAN Bike Routes, while enjoying food, accommodation and shopping on each route. In addition, participants who meet required conditions will receive gifts and have the chance to take part in a Tourism Administration, MOTC, lucky draw.

(1) Event date: October 2 to December 31, 2023.
(2) Activity locations and routes: There are 16 Go Bike TAIWAN Bike Routes. Participants can choose from multiple suitable and safe routes:

[Coastal Routes] 
1. North Coast Bikeway
2. Golden Mountain and Sea Bikeway
3. East Coast Bikeway
4. Yunjia South Coastal Bikeway-Taijiang

[River Bank Routes]
5. Yilan Coastal Lanyang Plain Bikeway
6. Dapeng Bay Bikeway

[Pastoral Routes]
7. Yunjia South Coastal Bikeway-Chiayi Tangtie and Xiyan Sections
8. Lingbo Guantian Bikeway
9. East Rift Valley Field Scenic Bikeway
10. Guashan Santie Bikeway

[Around Mountains Routes]
11. East Rift Valley -Huilan Menbo Bikeway
12. East Rift Valley-Forest Hot Spring Bikeway
13. Shitou Mountain Bikeway
14. Sun Moon Lake Bikeway

[Mountain Route]
15. Maolin-Kaohsiung Mountain Bikeway

[Island Route]
16. Penghu Island of Chrysanthemum Bikeway

For event content, eligibility and lottery methods, please refer to the official brochure.
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