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Cyclists gather up for Come!BikeDay at the lake


The most important cycling event of “Come! BikeDay,” a thematic festive day called “Cyclists, Gather up for Come! BikeDay,” was held on November 13 (Saturday) at Xiangshan Visitor Center. Since the COVID-19 outbreak has become less severe in Taiwan, hundreds of visitors attended the occasion. Friends of the Sun Moon Lake - civil groups and government representatives from Shimanami-Kaidou, Ehime Prefecture in Japan expressed their best wishes through a video at the inauguration ceremony, although due to COVID-19 they could not attend the event personally. Also, to enable overseas visitors to explore the Sun Moon Lake and its bike paths in pandemic times, “Rouvy,” a VR platform, as well as Google Meet, were applied so that the guests on site and the participating cyclists could enjoy cycling together online. In a video, the director of Shimanami-Kaidou and governor of Ehime Prefecture in Japan also expressed their wish of riding bicycles by the Sun Moon Lake when the pandemic is over.

Unlike before, to create a festive aura, the Administration organized five guided cycling tours, bicycle path explorations (up to 200 attendants), and a fun children’s balance-bike contest. Online reservations for these activities were highly popular. There were also remarkable street performances, mascot parades, lake-district tourist markets, and a fun and informative SDGS challenge game. Now that COVID-19 is in control in Taiwan, people’s vigor and passion could well be felt through these events!

The Administration noted that Come! BikeDay was mostly presented in the form of a challenge game in the past. This year, in conjunction with the founding of the Sun Moon Lake Tourist Circle, thematic events were held, and four bicycle paths in the lake district were especially promoted. Other than the classic round-the-lake path, which is familiar to most, there is Puli Round-the-Town Bicycle Path, Jiji Green Tunnel of Jiji Railway, Xiaping Bicycle Path of the Land of Taiji, Pingding Bicycle Path of Chung Hsing Cultural & Creative Park, and Poluoshui Bicycle Path. All of these paths are suitable for general visitors. The Administration hoped that Come! BikeDay could make people more interested in cycling at the Sun Moon Lake and the Sun Moon Lake Tourism Circle, which offers a wide range of entertainment in depths.

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