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Jiji-Checheng Railway is out of service now


(a Taiwan Railway notice)
Tunnel 2 of Jiji Railway is damaged; it is closed for now

A side slope of Provincial Highway 16 next to Jiji-Checheng Railway toppled on August 14, 2021, causing road danger. After urgent repair, on August 20, service resumed and the tunnel’s stability was being monitored. At 4am on August 26, however, inspectors found out that the wall between Tunnel 2 and Tunnel 3 seemed deformed. To ensure traffic safety, the route was shut down right away and a security check was performed. At this moment, no trains may ride the Jiji-Checheng route.

Taiwan Railway Administration met up with geotechnical and structural engineers from CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. and Heng Kang Engineering Consultants, Inc. at the site and concluded that the rocks on the side slope kept falling off because of continuous rain. The rocks got stacked up on top of the tunnel and they pressed the tunnel so much that the tunnel wall deformed.
The section is situated in a landslide-prone area on the Shuang Dong Fault. Just to make sure, the Administration will entrust the aforementioned consulting companies to carry out repair work and make traffic safe again. A reopening time will be decided. The Administration has implemented a few emergency measures, such as cleaning up the rocks above the tunnel, setting up provisional drainage facilities, and enhancing the side slope.
While the Jiji-Checheng section is closed, shuttle buses will be in place. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our dear guests.

For any other questions relating to Jiji Railway, please visit the Taiwan Railway Administration website.
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