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Water level has lowered at Sun Moon Lake Reservoir


  1. Due to insufficient rainfall, Sun Moon Lake Reservoir’s water level has lowered. The floating bridges at the lake area’s piers have thus become slanted. Please be careful when walking these bridges and hold the handrails safely.
  2. In such circumstances, elders, pregnant women, children, and the physically disadvantaged should make sure they are fit enough for walking on such facilities in advance.
  3. A few piers have been closed due to the lowered water level, and boarding spaces have been adjusted. If you are joining a lake tour, please ask the boat company where you may take the boat.
  4. The boat routes and mooring spots may be adjusted from time to time, based on the reservoir’s water level. Again, please confirm all relevant information in advance from the boat company, so as to ensure the rights of all parties involved.

Water level has lowered at Sun Moon Lake Reservoir


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