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Che Cheng Winery


Inaugurated on April 20, 2003, Che Cheng Winery was located in Checheng Village, Shuili Township, Nantou County. Its main members are from Plum Farming and Sales Class 3 of Shuili Township Farmers’ Association, and with technical support from Council of Agriculture, the members successfully turned their traditional farms into boutique farms.

Due to Typhoon Toraji in July 2001, the old premises, including facilities and products, were washed away by landslides. With help from the farmers’ association, not only members of Class 3 were invited to be shareholders of this winery, All of Shuili’s plum farmers were invited, too. This is how the winery came into being in Checheng and now it promotes the good taste of plums.

Opening Hours

Weekdays 10:30-16:30
Holiday 09:00-17:30


  • Restaurant

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