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Sun Moon Lake Center Bike Inn


Located just opposite to Sun Moon Lake Ropeway and next to Sun Moon Lake Youth Center, this is the only bicycle rental in the vicinity. The bicycles here are Giant and they are all regularly maintained. How to get here:
1. Upon arriving at Ita Thao Pier by boat, take Ita Thao Waterfront Hiking Trail to Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. Soon you will find the bicycle rental shop.
2. From Guanshan Pavilion of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, take the ropeway and get off at Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station.
3. Take Sun Moon Lake Bus and get off at Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station.
In case of rain or other bad weather conditions, the shop will not be accessible to general customers. Please ask in advance.
Every autumn, during the internationally renowned fireworks festival, special bicycle-rental discounts are provided to foreign visitors. To learn more, please ask a staff at the shop.
Helmets and lock available free of charge included in bike rent.
  1. Free parking and WiFi
  2. Circle the lake route, Shueiuatou bike path navigation, and trip planning and recommendations (with boat tickets, cable car, board and lodging discount)
  3. Road rescue services
  4. Professional bike riding and risk prevention guidelines
  5. Personal property safekeeping
  6. Giant Mountain bike with regular maintenance

Opening Hours

Open all year round, from 8 am to 5 pm.

How to Get There

Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.


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