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Chef A-tsong’s Assorted Noodles


Through the delicious food served, the owner hopes to introduce Hakka culture and history to more people.
Chef A-tsong’s lunch boxes are wrapped in Hakka floral cloth, suggesting that the food inside is of the traditional Hakka style. The chef especially includes pickled winter melon in this meal. While the food is not elegantly arranged, and the box looks rather simple, the Hakka flavor makes this lunch set worth a try.
The “lovers’ noodles” feature traditional pig-bone and red-onion broth cooked for 12 long hours. The 50-year-old recipe has been modified to celebrate Hakka culture, and the soup exudes the aroma of plums. The side dishes are especially created for young customers. The noodles actually won championship at a culinary contest. This is a Hakka must-eat on Shuili Street!

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