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Sun Moon Lake Bamboo Rock Garden


The garden is an important ecotourism hub at Sun Moon Lake. Through first artificially created, now it serves as a natural habitat. The garden hosts a variety bamboo specimens and it is home to many animals and plants.
In its green, eco-friendly buildings, educational events on environmental protection are held. Visitors may also join DIY handicraft classes or guided ecotours.
The garden’s “butterfly suites” enable overnight guests to watch butterflies while taking a good rest. They are not to be missed if you want to get close to nature in a different way!
Bamboo Rock Garden’s surroundings are truly quiet, although the garden is close to Provincial Highway 21. What’s more, Jioulongkou Platform and Hiking Trail is also nearby. If you ever visit the garden, be sure to take a leisurely walk along the trail, listen to birds sing, and appreciate Sun Moon Lake’s beautiful scenery.

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  • Parking
  • Children's Play Facilities
  • Laundry

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