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Mingtan Power Plant


Industrialization of electrical power - turning white coal into gold
Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's center of hydroelectricity production. In the past 80 years, Taiwan Power Company has constructed Daguan, Jugong, Minghu, Mingtan, and Shuili hydroelectric dams as well as Minghua and Mingtan reservoirs for pumped storage power generators. The number and density of power generators and reservoirs near Checheng is amongst the highest in the world. Visitors at the various generators and reservoirs can witness first-hand how the force of water can be transformed into electricity, and gain a wider perspective on the practice of sustainable consumption and conservation of natural resources.

The True Power of Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake is located at the geographical center of Taiwan. Its location is blessed with beautiful breathtaking landscapes renowned throughout the world. The lake also provides ample resources for both conventional and pumped storage power generators, making Sun Moon Lake the center of hydroelectric power generation in Taiwan with an installed capacity of 2768.3 megawatts (equivalent to 62% of Taiwan's total hydroelectricity generation). The Sun Moon Lake hydro power plants are the best example of turning white coal into gold. Since Taiwan is now promoting energy saving and carbon reduction as well as renewable energy resources, Sun Moon Lake has now become the perfect location for Knowledge Tourism.

Mingtan Power Station Jugong Branch (Sun Moon Lake Plant 2, Jugong Power Plant)
Water released from the Sun Moon Lake Plant 1 goes through a water tunnel measuring 4,409 meters in length to join up with the Chonggui River before being directed to the Chonggui adjustment pool that serves as the upper reservoir. A potential energy difference of 123.6 meters is used to generate 43.5 megawatts of electricity. Construction began in December 1935 and it was completed in 1937. The plant was originally named Sun Moon Lake Plant 2 and was renamed as Jugong Power Plant by Mdm. Soong May-ling in 1963. Jugong Power Plant was formally combined with Mingtan Power Plant in March 1999, and is now known as Mingtan Power Plant Jugong Facility.

Mingtan Power Plant (Mingtan Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plant)
Mingtan Power Plant is one of the few large-scale pumped storage hydroelectricity power plants in the world. It is Taiwan's second pumped storage hydroelectric plant and the biggest hydroelectric power plant in the country. The Sun Moon Lake serves as the upper storage reservoir while Mingtan Lake serves as the lower storage reservoir. Construction began in September 1987 and a total of 6 generators came online between 1993 and 1995. Water flowing through a height difference of 380 meters was used to drive the 6 generators with a total installed capacity of 1,602 megawatts. 


Opening Hours: MON.08:00~FRI.16:30

TEL: +886-49-2776605

Address: Minquan Lane., Shuili Township, Nantou County Taiwán, R.O.C

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