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The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake


Situated at the heart of Hanbi Peninsula, the Lalu was formerly Chang Kai-shek’s private resort. The hotel covers nearly 10 hectares of land. According to their locations and purposes, Buildings A, B, and C mainly contain: guest rooms; leisure facilities (including Spa, a fitness room, sauna, and members’ club); and meeting rooms, a library, and parking space, as well as independent villas.

The Lalu provides pick-up services.
1. From Taipei, by King Bus:
Sun Moon Lake (Shuishe Shopping Center) is the last stop. The Lalu is 15 minutes by walk.
Free pick-ups are available. Please inform the Lalu’s staff that you would like to utilize this service upon reserving your room.
Please call us at +886-49-2855313 ext. 6602 for our customer service staff when you arrive at the bus stop.
King Bus: +886-2-23119893(Taipei West Bus Station),+886-49-2982131(Puli Station)
2. From THSR Taichung Station or Taichung Train Station:
Please book a pick-up at least 24 hours before departure and complete all necessary procedures so that we can arrange a car for you.
The fee is NT$900 per adult and NT$450 for children who are 12 years old or younger.
This pick-up service is provided to overnight guests only.
Taichung Train Station: Please wait for us at the station square in front of King Bus.
THSR Taichung Station: Please wait for us in front of the station’s service counter.
We can wait for you up to 5 minutes only. Please arrive early.
If you need a wheelchair or a baby seat, please let us know in advance.
We retain the right to adjust our pick-up schedule without informing our guests.
3. From Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or other places in Taiwan: We also provide pick-ups. Please contact our booking team at +886-49-2856888 if you wish to use the service.

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