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Roaming Cloud (ecological B&B at the Sun Moon Lake)


We are an eco-friendly B&B, installed with solar roofs, wind power devices, and sewage pools. We provide shampoo and body soap that’s 95% degradable in our guest rooms, too. With much effort paid, we became Taiwan’s first certified low-carbon B&B a few years ago.

We do not provide disposable toothpastes and toothbrushes. If you are staying with us, be sure to bring toiletries on your own. We do not provide non-woven slippers either. Instead, we give our guests standard flip flops for free. In terms of ecological conservation, Roaming Cloud tries to practice it in every possible way.

We use fresh food ingredients from nearby local farms. We also run a “shop of happiness” which sells such produce. This means our guests can bring the same farm produce directly home, if they find something tasty on our tables.

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