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Wenwu Temple Hiking Trail

Due to their precarious height, the Year-of-Steps are nicknamed the “Stairway to Heaven”. There are 366 ascending steps, each representing one day of the year. The climbing of this entire stairway symbolizes the passing of a year. A date is carved on each of the stone steps, along with the names of internationally famous people who were born on the corresponding date.

Visitors climbing these steps can find out whom they share a birthday with! At the same time, information related to the traditional Chinese solar periods is also carved into the steps, providing interesting and educational materials.

Facility information
  • Barrier-free parking lot
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Staircase Handrail
  • Wheelchair ramp
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Last updated date:2018-11-28
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Scenic spot Info
  • Coordinates:
  • 120.92695386565879, 23.869436990805188
  • Tel:
  • 886-49-2855668
  • Opening hours:
  • 24H,
    During days when there is a typhoon or if the weather is affected by other natural disasters, the trail will be closed due to those circumstances.
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