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Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival – A Pink Debut in Late January


The cherry blossom season is coming soon. Do you remember the beautiful scenery of pink cherry blossoms covering the mountains of Sun Moon Lake? Within the area are 8 attractions to view cherry blossoms: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, National Chi Nan University, Ita Thao Lakeside Trail, Ci’en Pagoda Trail, Mt. Jinlong Trail, Xiangcha Lane in Yuchi Township, Youshui Lane in Yuchi Township, and Guangfu Lane in Xinyi Township. An estimated 5,000 plus cherry blossom trees will be blooming, and it will be a gorgeous sight.

A series of Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival activities will unfold in late January. The Cherry Blossom Ceremony in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village will take place from January 30th to March 8th, and there will be Taiko drumming performances everyday. Before March 1, there will also be activities such as the Spanish Juggling and Flashmob performance, and the Cherry Blossom Lake Folk Songs Concert at night.

The Cherry Blossom Festival activities at the National Chi Nan University will be held from February 11th to March 11th. Fun and exciting activities that will enhance the Sun Moon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival include cherry blossom viewing, picnic, music, dancing, and coffee experience. Hurry, grab your calendar and start planning your cherry blossom viewing tour! 
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