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Ah-Rong Thao Noodles


Huang Rui Feng "Ah Rong" is enthusiastic in helping neighborhoods. After the 921 Earthquake, he and his wife began supporting each other and made a great contribution in Ah Rong Thao Noodles. With years of effort, Ah Rong Thao Noodle has become one of the most popular restaurants at Sun Moon Lake. To wish that all lovers in the world could be with each other forever, he upgrades his ray-finned fish combo!

The ray-finned fish (has won the title  "President Fish" in Taiwan) symbolizes dragon. This fresh, tasty fish is a local species of Sun Moon Lake. The naturally raised chicken symbolizes a "phoenix" and it is very juicy. The "dragon", "phoenix", seasonal vegetables and top-selling Thao rice are combined into the "Dragon Phoenix Set". Guests can enjoy local specialties in Sun Moon Lake. With full blessing from the power of dragon and phoenix, this set has a magical power that helps singles to find the one and enhances the relationship of couples!

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