Top 2017-01-18
Is there any place where I can rent a bike or a motorbike? Is there any special Biking Path around the lake?

Yes, you can rent a bike or an electric bike at "Del Lago Hotel", "Ciao-er-syuan" and "Jial-cyuan". All of them are located on the Jhong-shan Road. Their telephones numbers are: Del Lago Hotel : 886-49-2855789 / 2855799 Ciao-er-syuan: 886-49-2855219 Jial-cyuan: 886-937-595020 / 939-273185 Yue-tan (Moon Lake) Biking Path is a good choice. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Moon Lake while you are riding a bike on the path. Its entrance is near the Siang-shan Resort Area.