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Tour Guidelines

2022 Sun Moon Lake Summer Cycling Certification Activity

The goal of this cycling certification activity is to allow visitors to recognize Sun Moon Lake’s natural scenery each season, by completing the ride on designated routes and related tasks. Upon completion, visitors will receive this season’s special medal key ring.

  • Special Medal Key Ring

    Special Medal Key Ring

Sun Moon Lake Firefly Viewing & Cycling Tour Guidelines

Day 1
  1. Be close to nature and humanity
    (recommended attractions: Paper Dome, Jinlongshan Lookout, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Maolan Mountain Trail, Toushe Live Basin, Shuiyuan Suspension Bridge)
  2. Taste seasonal vegetables, fruits, coffee and black tea
  3. Sun Moon Lake Local Association Firefly Viewing Package Tour
    Get “Sun Moon Lake Double Bonus Discount Voucher”.
  4. Overnight stay in Sun Moon Lake
Day 2
  1. 2022 Cycling Tour: Sun Moon Lake Cycling Certification Activity
    Enjoy bike rental discount by using “Sun Moon Lake Double Bonus Discount Voucher”; for route information, please see the Sun Moon Lake Cycling Seasonal Certification Activity Method
  2. Sun Moon Lake Visitor Center
    Claim the Summer Cycling Certification medal with the path trajectory.
  3. Sun Moon Lake Tour
    Also travel to Shuishe, Xuanguang Temple, Ita Thao.
  4. Return
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    *How to earn the “Sun Moon Lake Double Bonus Discount Voucher”?
    Please refer to the description on the “Lucky Draw” section of the “2022 Sun Moon Lake Firefly Viewing Season Discount & Value-added Project