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The rich ecological resources in Sun Moon Lake, and its excellent eco-friendly environment with low light pollution and other pollutants, make it an ideal habitat for fireflies. The 7 main firefly viewing locations within the Sun Moon Lake area are Taomi, Lianhuachi, Dalin, Shuishe, Toushe, Tannan and Shuanglong. There are various species such as Aquatica ficta, Luciola cerata, Luciola anceyi, and Species Curtos sauteri Olivier emitting beautiful sparkling lights in the sky.

From April to May, Sun Moon Lake has beautiful sparkling dancing fireflies at night, and interesting tour packages organized by local associations during the day. Many hostels, homestays, bike rentals, and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station have a variety of time-limited great value offers that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy!

To entice tourists to visit Sun Moon Lake and participate in the professional guided Firefly Viewing Ecological Experience activity, during the short Sun Moon Lake Starlight Firefly Season in April and May, the “2022 Sun Moon Lake Firefly Viewing Season Special Value-added Program” will be launched. Visitors just need to sign up to participate in the various firefly viewing activities, organized by a variety of local associations in Sun Moon Lake and the Xinyi Township Office, and they will receive one Sun Moon Lake limited edition face mask, and one Sun Moon Lake Double Bonus discount voucher. Quantity is limited while supplies last. These activities not only give visitors a chance to view fireflies at night, but also plan a 2-day-1-night tour, and have fun from day unto night.

We welcome you to Sun Moon Lake to enjoy firefly viewing, star gazing, ecology exploration and learn what the rural countryside has to offer!