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Firefly watching

Taomi, Lianhuachi, Dalin, Shuishe, Toushe, Tannan and Shuanglong

Tour Map

  • Tour Map

Firefly-watching tour guidelines

  1. To ensure personal safety and avoid disruptions to the fireflies’ ecosystem, all visitors are advised to follow the instructions of the tour guides.
  2. Keep quiet, do not capture (slap) fireflies and do not bring insect nets or boxes.
  3. Light-colored clothing with long sleeves, long pants and slip-resistant shoes (no sandals or high-heels) are recommended in order to prevent from foot injury or snake & insect bite.
  4. Please bring your own firefly-watching devices, such as a magnifying glass, firefly guide, drinking water, notebook and any needed personal medicines. If you bring a flashlight, please cover the light with red cellophane.
  5. Locations for watching fireflies are mostly on trails and in wilderness areas, so those with cardiovascular diseases or physical injuries should not register.
  6. All firefly-watching activities are at night. If you have children with you, you are responsible for monitoring them (Participants younger than grade 1 are not recommended). While watching fireflies, please do not run, jump or make loud noises. Parents should also guard their children's safety.
  7. It is security that is the most important consideration for firefly watching at night. Therefore, it is not allowed to leave the group without permission by the group leader.
  8. Please do blackout for avoiding disturbing the firefly ecology. While approaching the area of the firefly ecology, do not turn on the headlight of your car, and do not use any flash lamp of the cellphone or the camera.



2022 Sun Moon Lake Taomi Firefly-watching Activity

Activity Date: from Apr. 2 to May 15

Meeting Location: Taoyuan Elementary School.

Activity details and cost: (pay onsite)

1.Firefly Viewing Activity:

Adult ticket NT$130/person, child ticket NT$110/person (elementary school age or under). Free admission for children under 90cm. Pay admission tickets onsite (ticket includes shuttle connection, firefly viewing guided tour, insurance, environmental maintenance). Please check website announcement for shuttle schedule detail.

  • Saturday and Qingming long weekend shuttle(4/2、4/3/、4/4、4/9、4/16、4/23、4/30、5/1、5/7、5/14):From 6:20-7:40pm, shuttles are available every 20 minutes
  • Driving individually on Sunday: 4/10-5/15 (every Sunday); 6:30pm, 7:00pm.
  • Driving individually on workdays: Monday – Friday 7:00pm.

2.Fish and Shrimp Ecological Exploration: (NT$180/person, NT$50/child under age 6)

  • During the period of the Firefly Viewing Event, Saturdays and Qingming long weekend: 2:00pm, 3:00pm., Sundays: 10:00am., 70-90 minutes duration

3.Taomi Agriculture Leisure Area pumpkin cake DIY

  • NT$130/person.
  • Saturday & Qingming Festival during firefly viewing event 3:30pm.

4.Grape Picking (Jabuticaba Tree)

  • NT$100/person, free under age 6
  • Saturdays and long holidays during the event period: 3:30pm, 60 minutes duration

Organization:Taomi Recreation and Agriculture Promotion Association


  1. Official website
  2. Tel: (049)291-1591, 0933-157216
  3. LINE ID: tomi64


Lian Hua Pond Forest Community Ecological Education & Firefly Season

Activity Date: 4/9 – 5/14 (Saturdays only)

Meeting time and place: 6:00pm Nantou Country Road 66 Lian Hua Pond Forestry Laboratory

Event Activities & Fees: Free, Fees cover firefly ecology commentary, and firefly eco tour.

Organizer: Nantou County Lian Hua Pond Protection Association

Registration: 0937-714327 Mr. Huang


Firefly-watching package

Activity Date: from Apr. 10 to May 23

Meeting Location: 7:00p.m., 7:30p.m. Crystal Resort. lobby

Activity details and cost: (reservations required, pay onsite)

  • NT$450/person
  • Itinerary includes: 40 people per group. Fees cover firefly ecology commentary, firefly eco tour, firefly season commemorative postcard, traditional rice balls limited to Firefly Season, and traditional drinks.

Organization: Nantou County Lodging Association

Registration: (049)289-8740 (Ms. Lin)


2022 Roaming the Sun Moon Lake, Firefly-watching

Activity Date: from Apr. 15 to May 15

Activity details and cost:

Firefly Viewing Activities:

  • Meeting time and place: 6:30-7:00pm, Route A (Youshui Alley) meet at“Bamboo Rock Garden” or Route B (Maolanshan) meet at “Fuli Hot Spring Resort”.
  • Firefly Viewing Ecology Introduction and Tour – Adult: NT$150/person, Children (elementary school and younger): NT$100/person. Limited to 100 people per group. Tour duration 70-90 minutes.

Package Tour :

  • Afternoon Trail Guided Tour & Firefly Viewing at Night
    Trail guided tour & firefly viewing: NT$500/person, 6 people per group, tour duration 70-90 minutes. Route Options: Xiangshan – Yueya Bay Trail, leisure bike ride in Dongguang Village.
  • Afternoon Stand Up Paddle & Firefly Viewing at Night
    Sun Moon Lake SUP Plan & Firefly Viewing, NT$2200/person, 2 people/group, tour duration 120-150 minutes.
  • Afternoon picnic by the lake & Firefly Viewing at Night
    Picnic takeouts at the pasture hill, handmade sandwiches, sandwich spreads, and drinks. NT$900/2 people.

Organization: Sun Moon Lake Guided Tours and Tourism Exchange Association

Registration online: Registration online

LINE@: @sunmoonlaketw

Tel: 0927-667237(Mr. Hsieh)

  • Firefly-watching(total 2 photos)


Fanciful Fireflies Dance in Nature

Activity Date: from Apr. 1 to May 30

Activity details and cost: (reservations required, pay onsite)

  • Professional guided tour: 6:30pm.-7:00pm. Meet in Dasheman(台21線67.5K), NT$150/person (includes insurance). Additional fee required for round trip fare. (NT$200/person)
  • Package Tour: Meet at Toushe Police Station(台21線67.5K)
    1. Firefly Viewing Tour + Dinner: NT$400/person
    2. Countryside Tour + firefly viewing and dinner: NT$500/person

Organization: Sun Moon Lake Toushe Cultural and Historical Assets Development Association

Registration: 0926-638380 Mr. Lin


Danda Happy Firefly-watching

Activity Date: from Apr. to May

Activity details and cost: (Requires sign up and payment in advance)

1.Danda Sparkling Tour:
  • Meeting Location (1 of these 2): Tannan Hunter’s Home, Shuanglong (Ssangyong) Angel Camp (No. 84-1 Guangfu Lane, Shuanglong Village, Xinyi Township, Nantou County)
  • 2 people per group, NT$599/person (cost includes instructions prior to departure, Bunun songs sing along, firefly eco-environment education).
2.One day Tour:
  • Meeting Location: 1:00pm.-1:20pm. Dili Visitor Center
  • 6 people per group, NT$1599/person (cost includes visiting tribal village, firefly-lit dinner, firefly viewing guided tour and insurance).
3.Two day Tour :
  • Meeting Location: 1:00pm.-1:20pm. Dili Visitor Center
  • 6 people per group, NT$3800/person
  • Event Activities:
    First Day: Mountain Ceremony, lunch, Shuanglong Forest Trail tour, archery, dinner, firefly viewing tour
    Second Day: Breakfast, Rainbow Suspension Bridge Trail tour, DIY craft, lunch, Bunun song and dance performance, tribal village tour

Organization:Danda Bunun Ecotourism Association


*For information on each firefly viewing area please contact each association accordingly.
*During this pandemic period, everyone must wash their hands frequently, wear their mask, and do not touch things randomly. Please assess your own health condition, and decide if you are able to participate in the Firefly Viewing itinerary.